Sanabria Digital is the retouching studio of Eric Sanabria. I provide high-quality, brand and product imagery for an array of clients. My work extends across a variety of channels, from advertising and design print campaigns to e-commerce and rich media. I help clients leverage the powerful emotional aspects of their brands through their imagery, making the most of product and brand photography.


A client's brand image is an integral component of their success and my part in that is to provide beautiful and memorable imagery to contribute to that success. Photography has that ability to elicit emotion like no other medium. With a clear understanding and focus I consider the importance of that brand awareness and impact through the entire retouching process.

Similarly, a client's product offering is their life-blood and often the forward face of the company. I treat each retouching project with a respect for the effort and energy it takes to create a successful product. It's my job to elevate and represent that product in the best way possible.


Sanabria Digital
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